The Guide on How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Your specific salary in the information when you become a cyber security specialist will vary depending on a few different factors. Besides the actual job responsibilities, your earnings will also be affected by your level of cybersecurity education and experience, the type of industry your company is in, its size, and where it is located. The main goal of all IT professionals who become cyber security specialists is to protect information.

Students will be granted admission to a bachelors degree program upon completion of an approved transfer program at Madison College. Students must have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater while at Madison College. Regardless of the number of credits transferred students must complete at least 25% of their baccalaureate degree credits at Herzing University University.

Security Operations Center Analyst (Junior)

Training • Consulting • Expert Witness Sam Sehgal Jerod Brennen I enable clients to minimize business disruptions by building effective, efficient, forward-thinking cybersecurity programs. They have an in-depth understanding of vulnerabilities, management systems, and common security applications. Conduct threat and risk analysis and analyze the business impact of new and existing systems and technologies to eliminate risk, performance, and capacity issues. They implement vulnerability assessments and configure audits of operating systems, web servers, and databases and detect patterns, insecure features, and malicious activities in the infrastructure. Cyber Security Specialists are tasked with keeping the networks, data and systems safe. They are responsible for the integrity and security of the organization’s network and must keep all data secure.

  • According to IBM in their Global Analysis of the cost of data breaches, the cost of stolen records and datacan range from $154 to $350.
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  • But now that our world has become so heavily dependent on using advanced technology for practically everything, the stakes are higher than ever.
  • Information security specialists may handle aspects like multifactor authentication and access to physical information storage areas.

In contrast, network security focuses on vulnerabilities in the connections between devices. These professionals also educate coworkers on best practices, as breaches may occur accidentally or deliberately by bad actors within their companies. Cybersecurity specialists must remain up to date with changes in the field by researching emerging threats and fixes. A cybersecurity specialist works on the front lines and behind the scenes to protect digital systems and assets from hackers, threats and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity specialists inhabit an interesting role in the companies and organizations where they are employed.

What Jobs Are There in Cyber Security?

Keep accurate and current backup files of all important data on the shared corporate network. Educate workers about computer security and promote how to become a security specialist security awareness and security protocols. Modify security files to incorporate new software, correct errors, and change user access status.

The degree program is designed with an IT Security core curriculum combined with a set of fundamental IT courses. In addition, the program requires the completion of a traditional group of general education courses. Explore Moraine Valley’s programs, all of which are designed to ensure students gain the knowledge and skills needed to meet the demands of a changing world. Prepare for an entry-level position in the large and growing world of cybersecurity. Pay attention to the most significant factors that determine how much you will be earning in a particular position. The good news is that IT professionals, in general, earn twice as much as the national median wage in the US.